Wednesday, February 5, 2014


The kijhl offers several awards each year and it should be a great contest in each division.   The awards include top dman, coach, MVP, goalie,sportsman and rookie.  In the burks division there are several guys that should be in the running.  Revelstoke has struggled and really don't have many players who will be considered.  In Sicamous jepson should be in the running for rookie, also Joyce in net.  In Chase Boyle should be considered for sportsman, good points not a lot of pins. Mattes in net should be considered.  Numbers are not as good as Joyce but his team is not as defensively structured and he has been a huge part of the teams success.  Venne has had a strong year and could be considered for MVP or sportsman.  In 100 mile I am sure goalie would have been Warren but he went to BCHL so out of the running.  They do have have a strong rookie contingent lead by Santerno, and I think levesque is very solid on defence.  I do think that while the Storm has a strong team that several top individual awards or maybe all of them could go to Storm players.  Coaching staff for the Storm has been great, Ed has brought in Kyle and Todd as well as using a strong leader in zach tjader to keep the team focused.  While other coaches have done a good job the record speaks for itself.  Rookie should be Max James.  Only Santero has similar points per game.  James has played fewer games is younger and doesn't get as much power play time as the 100 mile house player.  However he generally has better line mates so could be a close call.  I always think if I was building a team who would I rather have, and to me it's James.  

Dman has to be Buchanan top dman scoring in league and well ahead of teammate Spencer Schoech who is second in league scoring for a dman and about 14 points behind Daniel. 

MVP lots to consider from the Storm, Kashuba and Larouche have had a great season, so has Rasmussen but I think it is neck and neck between Balson and Buchanan.  Balson has good offensive stats but also his defensive play has been terrific.  It could be close.  McLeod should be considered for goalie but he has played less games than Joyce so I think he could be overlooked.  Sportsman Balson should be in the running but this one could go to Boyle from Chase.  A few more points and a few less pims. 

With the season the Storm have had there should be some individual awards but this group won't be happy without a league title, a provincial championship and a western Canadian championship.  What a great season boys be proud of yourselves.

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