Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Birks Division Final

The Storm are playing 100 mile house wranglers.  The first two games in Kamloops were won by the Storm. 8-3 and 3-0.  The first game was a Dominos pizza night.  The Storm threw shot after shot at Kristian Stead who played well despite allowing 8 goals.  In the first period he stopped 25 shots which gave his team a lot of confidence.  The Storm offence took over in the second period lead by Max James.  

Game 2 saw Liam McLeod earn the shutout, with Mitch Friesen scoring the game winning goal on a beauty feed from Max James.  

Game 3 goes tonight in 100 Mile House with game 4 tomorrow also I'm 100 Mile.  Not a lot of lineup changes expected from the Storm who have been rolling 4 lines.  The Wranglers are a little beat up and will be without Santerno who is suspended for a hit from behind.  Santernonhas been one of the best players for 100 mile all season so he will be missed. 

Couple of issues and would love to hear your thoughts on the subjects.

League awards.  The Storm won the league during regular season, and had the largest margin over the  nex closest team yet got 2 awards.  In the other conferences the dominant team received the bulk of the awards.  No slight to the guys who won but why wasn't Max James rookie of the year.  Similar points to the guy who won but played less games.  How about Bobby Kashuba for most sportsmanlike. 17 pims and over 60 points.  And the coaching staff?  I know we all make nominations and team awards are more important than individual but why is this?  Jealousy in our division? Maybe the way the guys were slighted will give us more determination in playoffs.

The other issue is league/hockey wide.  I am not a proponent of fighting or dirty play, but is it fair to suspend a player 5 games in playoffs for a check from behind and accumulated fighting penalties.  I don't know all the details but Brandon Formosa who is one of the best players in the league will miss the rest of the series against Kimberley and if they advance maybe part of the next for just that reason. Formosa is an aggressive player and we don't see him a lot but he has never been a goon against our team.  This suspension could cost Creston a division title.  Surely there has to be a better solution.  Let us know your thoughts

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  1. Thanks to the Jr B supplement our playoffs suffer a bit,in other words, when the games should be at their most intense they can't be because of accumulated penalties - thanks Hockey Canada