Friday, February 6, 2015

Doug Birks race

The new feature on the website with previews makes it easy to figure out how teams have done at a glance. 

Sicamous has two games left. Princeton and Spokane. Both of the teams are playoff bound.  Do they rest players which might help the Eagles. Sicamous has won the previous games 5-2 over Princeton and 3-2 over Spokane. Neither Spokane or Princeton can move up in the standings but both are only four points up on the fourth place team in their division. The race could be settled by the time they play as they play on the last weekend.  Do Princeton and Spokane rest players from the long road trip if the standings are set OR do they bring full guns to prepare for the first round of playoffs.  Sicamous maximum points 56 enough to get second.

Revelstoke. Not a fan of the organization but Michael Roberts is fun to watch.  They play kamloops 2 times at home. Revelstoke are 2-4 against the Storm scoring 12 and allowing 23.  They beat North ok 5-2 in the one time they have met.  They also have a winning record against 100mile 4-2 out scoring the Wranglers 27-21. Chase holds a slight advantage at 2-3-1-1 but both team have scored 17 goals and allowed17.  The addition of Roberts makes me think Revelstoke has a chance to catch second place. Depends on the Storm with a big game tonight.  Revelstoke maximum points 57

Chase play Nelson who beat them 4-3. Nelson can catch Spokane and will be looking for a strong showing this weekend after all the Leafs controversy. Against 100 Mile they are 4-2-1 scoring 31 while giving up 30 goals.  They need this win to have a run at second place.  They also play Revelstoke and Kamloops.  Strong rivalry with the Storm on family day game in Kamloops 5 pm start. A win Monday and at least one over Nelson or 100 Mile will be huge.  Chase maximum points 64. Kamloops have more wins so have clinched first place.  

100 Mile also play North ok who the lost to 4-2. They need to sweep all three games this weekend to stay in the race.  Wranglers maximum points 59

Predictions I can see Chase second as they have had good success against the teams they play. Hodges and Boyle have been good all season. Solid defence with Okino and good goaltending Byer can win games for his team.  

The rest is up for grabs. Sicamous has good goaltending duo but is one hurt?  Hasn't dressed in a bit! Grieve and Jepson can control a game. Revy goalie we haven't really seen Doak so he is an unknown. Fiust and Leech are good young players and Roberts can be dynamic.  They need to win most or all of their games avoid injuries and suspensions to make a run.  If they get into playoffs they will be hard to beat.  Chase hold their own destiny and should prevail.  100 Mile have great goaltending and if they play like they can are very good.  Coach Dale has allowed players to play in BCHL, so could be why they have the worst record in division at 3-6-0-1 in last ten games.  Assume they will all be back.  They are big and fast.  

This might be the best playoff race in last ten years that I can remember. And any team in playoffs can be a surprise. No one to take lightly in the Birks Division

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