Monday, December 14, 2015


It's been awhile since I have been on here and not even sure I know if this will post correctly.

In 15 years I have never seen a team with so few players take 5 out of 6 points on a weekend.  13 skaters took to the ice on Friday. Two of those guys had missed the two previous weekends due to injury and a couple others were not 100%. One of those 13 was affiliate Carl Main (thanks to Vernon midget coach Keith) making his first appearance in a ki regular season game

The Storm headed into Summerland against a very good team.  Wilson Northey had a great offensive game, while the rest skated their hearts out to come away with a double overtime win with seconds remaining.  13 skaters almost 70 minutes of playing time!  And on the road.  Back to Kamloops and home at 3 am. Up the next day off to Revelstoke same 13 guys but in the second period a dman gets hit in the face with a puck.  Off to the hospital he goes.  Down to 12 skaters, only 2 of which are regular defence men.  Another overtime granted less than 2 minutes but now we are at about 132 minutes of playing time.  A wait at the hospital and home again after 3am.

You would expect no gas for the third game BUT not to be the case.  Byl is out but great character from captain Brett Watkinson, who comes off injury to lead his team to a 3-1 home win over a good Revelstoke Grizzly team.  We could only pick one star of the game but there were 14 different guys who showed leadership, integrity and heart.  Way to go guys #neversoproud.  #kijhl #kamloopsstorm teaching character.  So why so short 3 guys leave for BCHL, two to Surrey Eagles for the remainder of the year (Hunter Kero and Rob Johnson)  and Sol Siebel as an affiliate to Wes Kelowna.  Sol will be back for next weekend. Several out with injuries think we counted 8 at one point in time.

You would think that without 3 of your better players, add in the injuries that if you got two points you would accept it, but this is such a balanced well coached teams that it just allowed other players to step up.

If we get to the finals this year, we can look back to this weekend as a turning point.

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